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Maybe you are visiting the website because you are curious about Reiki and wish to learn more about this fascinating practice.  Or perhaps illness and the pace and stress of modern life have left you over tired and rundown. Whatever you reasons for reading these pages I hope you find them interesting and helpful.


Reiki is a method of hands-on healing the benefits of which include deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being on all levels.  The body is helped to maximise its own natural healing process. It is becoming increasingly common practice for it to be used in hospitals, care homes and hospices because of the perceived benefit.


If you are at a low point at the moment, I hope you find some answers within these pages whether or not you decide to try a Reiki session for yourself.


The site includes sections on the practice and principles of Reiki and details as to what you can expect if you decide to book a Reiki treatment.  The issues that may be of concern are often related to stress and the anxiety that this can cause. If that applies to you, do take the time to have a look at the 'Anxiety' page on this site to see if you can make an immediate start to work on your recovery.    


You can get in touch with me if you are considering booking an appointment or for more information.  If you have a need to talk through any of the worries or anxieties that might be troubling you, where possible, time will be made available during your session.  Confidentiality is a requirement of both the CNHC and the UK Reiki Federation and is strictly observed in accordance with their regulations.


There are link buttons in the right hand column to help you find a practitioner near to you wherever you live in the UK.  There is a also a lovely and helpful 'thought for the day'  two minute video which you may like to watch.  And if you decide to give Reiki a try, I hope you get as much help and enjoyment from it as I have done.


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