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Thank you for taking the time to visit the website.   It might help for me to tell you a little about myself.   I retired several years ago and since then have worked on the support lines of  three different national charities helping callers with issues that have arisen for them on some of life's problems.    Because of my work in that field I have been CRB checked. (click here to view).   After I started my Reiki experience I became a qualified practitioner.  I am registered with the UK Reiki Federation and accredited by the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.  The CNHC is the UK’s regulator for complimentary therapists which has been set up by the Professional Standards Agency to ensure the nationally approved standards are met.  


As a member of the UK Reiki Federation, I work within their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which includes respecting completely your confidentiality.  And I am fully insured to practice.


I have a room at home which I use for treatments, shown in the picture below.   It is quite calm, neutral and suitable for all visitors whatever their beliefs.  Everyone, whether or not they believe in any particular religion, can use and benefit from Reiki.




















You would have a brief consultation before your first treatment to help assess your needs.  It can also be a comforting part of therapy to have the opportunity to talk about any problems you may have that are part of your reasons for seeking Reiki.  For some clients, that in itself can help them see other perspectives.  By asking simple questions, clients are often helped to look at their problems or anxieties in a different way which can be a helpful compliment to the healing.