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I am pleased to be sharing my website with you.  I have tried, as much as I can, to include everything you initially need to know about the therapy and how to get the most from it.


Reiki is a method of hands-on healing which can bring great relief to the recipient on physical, emotional and spiritual levels using universal energy.  The most common effects of a Reiki session are deep relaxation and a sense inner peace.  It requires no particular belief system.  The body is helped to maximise its own natural healing process as well as complimenting general medicine and other forms of  healing.


As the site develops, I will also try to look with you at issues that may be concerning you including stress and other potential problems. If you are at a low point at the moment, I hope I can help you to find answers whether or not you decide to have a reiki session.  Take a look at the 'Anxiety' page on this site to see if you can make an immediate start to work on your recovery.  It is still in the preparation stage but the earlier content has just been reworked and work on sections about "recovery strategies" is currently underway.


My own first experience of Reiki came some years ago.  I had no great expectation.  I had been on the treatment table for over one and a half hours and experienced no feeling that the visit had been worthwhile.  As described on the ‘Treatment’ page, recipients often feel the flow of energy during a session, but I had not experienced any kind of reaction nor was I feeling any better.  My therapist persisted and then very suddenly, and by that time a little unexpectedly, there was a great emotional release the physical sign of which was that it was as if a tap had turned on and my eyes flooded with tears.  That first treatment kick started what proved to be a long-term improvement for me. I have described in later pages likely experiences even though they do vary.  My own, which I have shared with you, was quite unexpected but there is no typical reaction.


Since my own first visit in 2012 I have regularly given and received Reiki.    Please do get in touch if you want an appointment, have any questions either about Reiki, about me or how I practice. Or I would be be happy to signpost you to any of the lovely therapists I have met during my journey.


I have provided Link buttons in the right hand column to help you find a practitioner near to you wherever you live in the UK.  If you decide to give it a try, I hope you get to enjoy Reiki as much as I have done.

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